How We Work?

1. Step:

By a brief company info , with your e-mails, phones and faxes you may send us the needed raw material, semi finished product or finished product pictures. We would be glad to reply to you soon.

2. Step:

We’ll inform you about the product and the process


3. Step:

If we agree in terms you may sent us all the details of the needed product.


4. Step

In 7 days we’ll check all the producers according to your needs and inform you the best product fort he best price.


5. Step:

The samples from the chosen producers we’ll be sent to you.


6. Step

We’ll visit the plant, take pictures or videos and inform you the key points.


7. Step

We’ll sign an agreement, the PI will be sent to you and the advance payment is waited. ( producers are usually ask for 30% or 50% advance payment. )


8. Step:

We’ll check if the production is according to the agreement.


9. Step:

Last Step: The final check of the raw material, semi finished product or the finished product is done. The copy of the B/L is sent to you and after the payment the original docs will be sent to you.