If you want we may be a bridge with the manufacturers which will handle your private label business or if you want we may help you to import the quality and reasonable prices goods...

TurkishTextile Center
  • Please send us a requesting e-mail about the desired products and some information about your company.
  • We would be glad to cover your needs and inform our terms.
  • If you would like to manufacture your good , please inform all the datas or send a sample.
  • We start searching the companies which have the necessary qualifications and send samples and quotations to you. Offers will be prepared in 5 working days.
  • If necessary or requested , we may visit the manufacturer site and send videos or photos to you with our report.
  • We bargain with the manufacturer to your name , the contract will be signed and the order is given. You’ll receive the PI and we receive the advance payment
  • If necessary controls are done during the production and samples will be send with our report.
  • We load the goods after the final controls.The selected final goods will be inspected according to your order and will be reported to you.
  • After your final confirmation products will send to you with the copies of the export docs. The original docs will be sent after our final check.