Endorse Your Textile Inspector From Turkey

We are helping you to endorse your textile inspector in our country. Our aime is to ease your duty, and save your time. Between  hundred and thousand CV's, we are chosing the candidate which will best fit your business and your company. 

Able to follow all your textile business here in Turkey.

  1. Having good references 
  2. Textile engineering bachelor
  3. At least 3 years of experiences in similar position 
  4. Good comment of foreign languages. English ,German ,French 
  5. Expertise of product quality standarts
  6. Able to travel
  7. Team worker
  8. No military obligations for male candidates
  9. Presentable
  10. Having representational skills
  11. Able to report
  12. Analytical thinker, problem solver
  13. Problem solving oriented
  14. Able to work intensely
  15. Ability to use  office programs and internet
  16. Having a driving licence and able to drive
  17. Having the necessary organisation and communication skills

Please feel free to contact us to meet your candidate.