Product and Manufacturer Researches

Our team will research the interested product prices and manufacturers and report to you. As you know there are a lot of producers for the same product. For that reason we are selecting the capable ones, we are gathering the technical details. The inappropriate goods are disqualified and reported. Our researchs will be ready in 5 working days.


Price Researches

We are contacting the suppliers of your requested product and ask for quotations. If you want to order a private label production the datas will be given to the producer and ask for new quotations. All the gathered datas will be reported.


Samples and Catalogues

The samples or the catalogues of the requested product will be gathered from the suppliers and sent to you. Or a sample production could be send as well.



Factory view

The decided manufacturer should be visited by our responsibles. A report will be sent with photos or videos of the supplier and you will have no doubt about the company.






The supplier prepares the contract and the PI for the ordered product. We are helping you about the production process, payment, delivery and custom purposes. As consultants nowing our market and manufacturers very well we’ll use our experiences for your advantage.



Production Controls

We are reporting you the production process of the goods. Our textile engineers will pick up samples during the production and check them for you.



Receive the Final Inspection and Delivery

This process is the final control of the produced goods before the loading. The final goods will be compared to the samples and the quality is checked. By this way the customer will be protected any damages cause of the bad quality. In case of non conformity with the agreement or missing quantities or bad quality the products will not be dispatched. For protecting the goods during the loading our workers will observe the process.



Will recevive your goods, we will check the loadings and avoid any problems. We’ll check the quantity, quality, dimensions of your goods as agreeed.



We’ll follow the export docs. in mean time with the producers. We’ll check them any guarantee the shipment of the docs.